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Unfortunately, literally thousands of California motorists and pedestrians are injured or killed each year because of accidents caused by other negligent drivers. Not surprisingly, negligent truck and tractor-trailer drivers are often involved in the most serious auto crashes, but even a “fender bender” rear end collision by any size vehicle can cause serious long term injuries. At the San Francisco Bay Area personal injury offices of the Golden Gate Law Group LLP we have established a solid reputation across Northern and Southern California for the timely and cost-effective negotiation and litigation of California auto accident lawsuits and settlements.
We have over 35 years experience representing hundreds of California car accidents involving:
  • Single Car Accident
  • Multi–Car Accident
  • Passenger-Driver Injury
  • Drunk Driving Accident (DUI)
  • Intersection Accidents (Running Through Red Traffic Lights!)
  • Dangerous Roads and Highways, I-880 and Highway 24 Accidents
  • Sidewalk and Crosswalk Pedestrian Accident
  • Underinsured-Uninsured Motorist
  We have, for over 35 years practicing personal injury law exclusively, helped literally hundreds of California families recover emotionally, physically, and financially after a catastrophic auto accident causing serious personal injury or wrongful death of a family member. We always consider and investigate the possibility that motor vehicle defects contributed to your injuries along with other causes such as driver error or dangerous road conditions.
The injuries suffered during a negligent car crash on California roads can be catastrophic, including spinal cord injury and brain damage. More importantly, not all injuries can be easily or immediately diagnosed following an auto or motor vehicle accident. Many injuries are latent, not manifesting themselves fully for months or even years after a head-on collision or SUV rollover. Each auto accident lawyer at the Golden Gate Law Group LLP  will ensure accurate assessment of your injuries and that you receive the best medical care available, with no out-of-pocket expenses.

It is always a good idea at least to consult with an experienced California auto accident attorney after a negligent auto accident. The insurance company will try to coerce statements and documents that will limit your ability to collect compensation for your bone fractureburn injuryspinal cord, or head or brain injury. The car crash lawyers at our firm will deal directly with the insurance company, and we won’t hesitate to take your case before a judge if it’s the only way to recover maximum compensation.

Our autotruck and motorcycle vehicle accident lawyers will independently investigate the accident, assess your injuries and secure a settlement for medical bills, lost wages, long-term care, and punitive damages. In the meantime, be sure to write down exactly what happened to cause the accident, use our Motor Vehicle Accident Checklist for your reference.
Our California personal injury clients look to us for compassionate legal advice and aggressive representation in the courts. View our case results.
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Let us level the playing field against the insurance company. Immediately after an auto-truck accident or negligent drunk driving accident, contact car crash lawyer to help you preserve the evidence and protect your rights. The consultation is free and there is no pressure, no obligation, and no fees until the attorney recovers compensation for you.